What Is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is a review of an employee’s performance at their job. It is usually conducted by a manager or supervisor at regular intervals and is used to assess an employee’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

Are Appraisals a Good Opportunity to Ask About Career Path?

Appraisals can be a great opportunity to ask about career paths, as they are a good time to discuss any concerns or questions the employee may have. Appraisals provide a platform for open and honest dialogue between the employee and their manager or supervisor. During the appraisal, the employee can ask about career paths and receive feedback on their progress and potential.

How Can I Make the Most of an Appraisal?

It is important to prepare for an appraisal in advance. The employee should make a list of questions they would like to ask, such as those related to career paths. It is also important to be open to feedback and try to take any criticism constructively. During the appraisal, the employee should take notes and be ready to discuss any issues they may have with their supervisor.

What Should I Do After an Appraisal?

After an appraisal, the employee should review their notes and any action points that were discussed. They should also follow up with their supervisor to make sure any action points have been addressed.

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