Badge engineering is the process of taking one product and rebranding it as another. This is most often seen in the automotive industry, where a car company will take an existing model and sell it under a different name. For example, Toyota and Lexus are both badge-engineered products.

However, badge engineering can also be used in marketing and advertising. In this context, it refers to the practice of creating a new brand or identity for a product or service. This can be done by simply changing the name or logo, or by completely redesigning the product.

Badge engineering can be used to revive a struggling brand, or to create a new market for a product. It can also be used to distance a product from its competitors, or to create a new image for a company. Badge engineering is a marketing strategy that can be used to create buzz, or to generate sales. It can also be used to create confusion, or to deceive customers. When used ethically, badge engineering can be a powerful marketing tool. When used unscrupulously, it can be a form of deception.