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Prompt Imagine you have two friends, Jose and Jessie. Jose is a gifted athlete, but Jessie lives a sedentary lifestyle. Jose and Jessie both ask you to develop an action plan to improve their flexibility. How would your advice differ for Jose and Jessie? Consider specific exercises, frequency of exercise, level of conditioning, levels of flexibility, goal setting, and other important factors in your response.

Answer: Action Plan to Improve Flexibility: Jose vs. Jessie When it comes to developing an action plan to improve flexibility, the advice one would give to Jose would be very different than that given to Jessie. Jose, being a gifted

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Describe the actions necessary to complete the goal, the frequency of any exercises you would need to do, and your weekly schedule for improving flexibility. Also describe how you would know that your goal had been met.

Improving Flexibility Flexibility is a key part of physical fitness and can be improved through stretching and exercise. Different activities require different levels of flexibility and it is important to tailor your workouts to your own individual needs. Improving flexibility

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