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Are there any freIn the given system, process stream is heated to a specific temperature and after heating it is sent to another process. Process stream is fed to the system at 20°C and with 20 m3/h flow rate. Volume of the tank is 100 m3. Density of fluid is 1000 kg/m3, heat capacity is 0.8 kcal/kg, flow rate of saturated steam is 1000 kg/h and saturated steam enthalpy is 640 kcal/kg. It is known that the heat capacity and density are constant during the heating process. What is the fluid temperature exit of the tank when the process is at steady state? (F=F0)e AI-powered apps for solving science homework?

Answer AI-powered apps can be used to solve science homework. Such apps can provide students with step-by-step solutions to a variety of science topics. Some free AI-powered apps exist, such as Photomath, Socratic, and MathPapa. These apps allow students to

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What is an hysteresis?

What is an Hysteresis? An hysteresis is a phenomenon in which a system’s response to a change in its environment is delayed, lagging behind the current conditions. It is commonly observed in physical systems, such as a mechanical system or

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Circuitism is an economic theory that posits that an economy functions like an electrical circuit, and that money is the flow of electricity that drives…

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