Solution for Accessing Memory Diagnostics

The tool Jackie needs to access the memory diagnostics on her computer is System Information. System Information can be found in the Control Panel, under System and Security, and then under the Action Center. This tool will allow her to check her computer’s memory usage and function.

Instructions to Access System Information

To access System Information, Jackie should open the Control Panel by searching “Control Panel” in the start menu. Once the Control Panel is open, she should click on System and Security and select the Action Center. In the Action Center, she will find the System Information tool which will allow her to access the memory diagnostics.

Using System Information

Once System Information is open, Jackie can use the tool to check her computer’s memory usage and function. She should select the Memory option to access the memory diagnostics. This will provide her with information about the memory usage of her computer and what processes are using the most memory.

Troubleshooting System Information

If Jackie is having difficulty accessing System Information, she can try restarting her computer. If that does not work, she should try uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. If she is still having trouble, she should contact customer service for further assistance.

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