Types of Programs That Can Be Installed on a Computer Running Windows

Windows is a popular operating system used by many people around the world. It allows users to install programs to customize their experience and to enable certain functions. There are three main types of programs that can be installed on a computer running Windows: system programs, application programs, and utility programs.

System Programs

System programs are programs that are responsible for the basic functioning of the computer. They are installed by the manufacturer and are necessary for the computer to run properly. Examples of system programs include the operating system, device drivers, and system services.

Application Programs

Application programs are programs used by the user to perform a specific task. These programs are designed to be used by users to accomplish tasks such as word processing, video editing, and photo editing. Examples of application programs include Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere.

Utility Programs

Utility programs are programs used to maintain and optimize the computer. Examples of utility programs include antivirus programs, disk defragmenters, and disk cleaners. These programs are used to keep the computer running smoothly and to prevent problems from occurring.

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