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(1) In 1965, King helped plan a march to protest the lack of voting rights for African Americans in Alabama. (2) However, the first attempt at the march ended after just six blocks when police attacked the marchers.1 (3) King deliberately cut short the second attempt to avoid additional violence. (4) According to historian David Garrow, King knew at the start of the second attempt that he would cut the march short, but did not inform most of the marchers or the leaders of his plan. (5) Finally, after securing greater official protection, King was able to successfully lead the march on the third attempt. 1. See Garrow 395–98 for a timeline of events leading up to the police attack on the marchers. Which sentence includes information that would be more appropriate in a footnote? sentence 1 sentence 3 sentence 4 sentence 5

The 1965 Selma to Montgomery March The 1965 Selma to Montgomery March was a civil rights march organized by Martin Luther King Jr. as a way to draw attention to the lack of voting rights for African Americans in Alabama.

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William wilberforce

Answer: William Wilberforce William Wilberforce (1759 – 1833) was a British politician, philanthropist and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. He began his political career in 1780 and rose to prominence in the House of Commons

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Lewis hine

Answer: Lewis Hine Lewis Hine (1874-1940) was an American photographer and sociologist who is best known for his documentary photography of early 20th-century American life. His photos of immigrants, workers, and poor children in the US were instrumental in bringing

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Otto con bismark

Who is Otto von Bismarck? Otto von Bismarck was a Prussian statesman who rose to power in the 1860s and unified Germany in 1871. He became known as the Iron Chancellor for his uncompromising politics and reforms, and is widely

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What is the junker class

Junker Class Overview The Junker class is a type of space ship in the game Star Citizen. It is designed for salvaging and exploration, and is capable of traversing both terrestrial and interstellar environments. It features an array of advanced

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Who is Dennis Washington

Answer: Dennis Washington Dennis Washington is an American billionaire entrepreneur and industrialist. He is the founder and owner of Washington Companies, a conglomerate with interests in mining, railroads, engineering, and marine transportation. Throughout his career, Washington has invested in various

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What is the stargate project?

What Is The Stargate Project? The Stargate Project was a code name for a secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International (a California contractor) to investigate the

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Who did the alien and sedition acts target?

Answer The Alien and Sedition Acts were a series of four laws passed by the Federalist-controlled Congress in 1798 that targeted immigrants, particularly those from France, and restricted free speech. Background of the Alien and Sedition Acts The Alien and

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Who was John Adams’ Vice President?

Answer John Adams’ Vice President was Thomas Jefferson. Adams and Jefferson had a complex relationship and clashed on many political issues. However, they were also both passionate patriots and worked together to ensure the success of the United States. Early

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What were key moments of 2022?

Key Moments of 2022 2022 was a year of great change, with many historic events and moments taking place throughout the calendar year. From major political events to technological developments, 2022 was a year that changed the world and set

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What are key moments of 2022?

Key Moments of 2022 2022 is sure to be a big year, with many important events and moments for the world and its citizens. So far, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is one of the most important events

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What is the illuminati?

What is the Illuminati? The Illuminati is a secret society that is believed to have been founded in the 18th century. The group is made up of influential members of society who are said to be involved in activities that

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Military Management

Military management is the process of managing military personnel, equipment and resources in an efficient and effective manner. The goal of military ma…

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Anarchist economics is a set of theories and practices that focuses on the voluntary interactions between people, without interference from the state or…

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An Arabber is a marketing term used to describe a person who sells goods door-to-door, typically in poorer neighborhoods.

The term “arabber” is th…

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